Welcome to the UC Berkeley Filippenko Group's Supernova Database

To perform a search, insert the parameters you want to search against into the boxes below, select the data you want, and click the submit button. Parameters entered under the Objects column are applied to both Spectra and Photometry.

If you check the RegEx box (where given) and enter a valid regular expression the SNDB will return all matches using the MySQL REGEXP operator. If you check the Range button (where given) and include a minimum and maximum value separated by a comma, the SNDB will return all matches within that range. For boxes that take a number, you can include basic relationships (< or >), a comma-separated range, or a single number for exact matches.

See the More Info page for more information, links to static data sets, and other Filippenko Group data products (from BSNIP and KAIT/LOSS).

If you use data from the SNDB in a publication, please cite the original publication and include an acknowledgement of the SNDB!







Authored by Isaac Shivvers and Jeffrey M. Silverman ::: Advised by A. V. Filippenko :::